A Full Line of Repair Services in Tifton, GA

auto bodyAt Michael Moore’s Auto Paint & Body Shop, we pride ourselves on helping you keep your vehicle in its best condition. This goes beyond just dent repair—for us, it means addressing many of the issues that you may encounter in your everyday life.


Auto Painting

From minor blemishes to full door panels and beyond, we’re ready to provide your vehicle with top-notch automotive paint in Tifton, GA. Our mission is to restore the façade of your vehicle to a like-new condition, so it looks like it just rolled off the lot. Moreover, our professionals are adept at color matching, touchup painting and complete painting services, so you’re always getting best-in-class results.


Towing Services

auto bodyIf you’ve been in an accident and can’t drive away from the scene, give us a call for towing service in Tifton, GA. We’ll get out to your location quickly and ensure you’re towed back to our facilities, where you’ll receive the professional treatment you deserve as we approach fixing your vehicle.


Additional Services

We also offer a range of additional services, meant to keep your vehicle in top working order. Call us today regarding any of the following:

  • Paint-less dent repair: This minimally-invasive repair process is meant to remove dents and dings form your auto body, without all of the steps that might end with painting. Paint-less dent removal takes less time than traditional dent removal and offers the same stunning results!
  • Buffing out scratches: Scratches can pose visually unappealing problems, as well as leave your vehicle susceptible to rusting. We buff out scratches to keep your vehicle looking its best and protected against rust.
  • Door window repair: We’ll happily replace your door windows if they become damaged or blemished, and our work includes motor repair/replacement if required.
  • Plastic bumper welding: If your plastic bumper suffers damage, don’t junk it for a brand new part—instead, let us take a look at the damage to see if we can weld it back together for a clean look.
  • Add/remove/create/cut decals: Personalizing your vehicle? Trust our team to install decals pristinely! Or, if you want them removed, let us tackle the job so that no damage is left behind once the decal is removed. We can also create and cut decals to your liking
  • Order parts: Looking for a specific part or parts? Chances are, we can find them for you. Consult with us today about whatever you’re looking for.

For more information about any of the above services or to inquire about our capabilities in regards to other services for your vehicle, please get in touch with us today by calling 229-391-9318.