Alignment Services in Tifton, GA

auto alignmentHaving your vehicle calibrated to proper alignment means experiencing a number of benefits out on the road. Not only will your ride be smoother, you’ll enjoy less wear on your tire treads, fewer wheel issues and overall better fuel economy, to name a few!

If you can’t remember the last time you took your vehicle in for a wheel alignment in Tifton, GA, it’s time to schedule an appointment with Michael Moore’s Auto Paint & Body Shop. We take pride in delivering this critical service to our customers, to ensure their vehicles are always driving smooth and straight on the road.

All of our alignments are computerized, meaning you’re going to get the highest degrees of precision possible when we make adjustments. And, we not only check your tow, we also check the caster and camber, while making sure other front-end components are safe on your vehicle. Tire balancing and rotation comes before a tire alignment in Tifton, GA, and we’re pleased to offer this service to our customers as well.

No matter the make or model of your vehicle, or how many miles it has on it, we’re ready to provide you with alignment services that keep it driving smoothly. Moreover, our professionals care about each customer who chooses us for service, which is why we alert you to any issues that may have developed in your chassis due to misalignment errors. If your tire treads are wearing unevenly, your bearings are degrading or your rods are weakening, trust our team to make you aware of it.

For more information or to schedule an appointment for a wheel alignment in Tifton, GA, make sure you’re getting in touch with Michael Moore’s Auto Paint & Body Shop today! Give us a call at 229-391-9318 to make an appointment.