Know Your Rights When It Comes to Collision Repair in Tifton, GA

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As a consumer, you have certain rights when it comes to collision repair in Tifton, GA. Insurance companies cannot pressure you into using just one repair facility, and you have recourse when repairs are not up to your standards. These “right to repair” laws assure quality of service and consumer autonomy. Here is what you need to know about them:

  • You can choose any shop: Insurance companies make contracts with repair shops. If you do not have a preferred repair shop, this can be convenient. You will work with a known entity and find your claims process streamlined. However, insurance companies cannot force you to use only these shops. They may recommend them, but you still have the right to choose. So, if the shop you desire is not a contractor with your insurance carrier, you can still arrange repairs with them and your insurance must still cover the costs, if indicated in your policy.
  • Insurance carriers cannot artificially delay claims: If you choose an insurance shop outside your carrier’s network, they need to process the claim as they would with one of their contracted shops. They cannot make it inconvenient for you or artificially delay the claim. If you suspect any of that behavior, contact the attorney general’s office as soon as possible. These bad faith practices have often been used to force a choice even though that is technically illegal. You do not need to tolerate that.
  • You choose the parts: Many consumers prefer using original equipment (OE) rather than aftermarket parts. You can express preference to your repair facility, and they must honor it. Also, if your car is less than three years old and the shop has no choice but to use aftermarket parts, they must inform you before repairing the car. Basically, shops and insurers must keep you informed of the details. However, insurance policies may contain coverage limits on this aspect. For example, cars that are over seven years old may only have aftermarket parts available, and that will make using OE impossible. While this is among your consumer rights, be prepared in case it cannot be accommodated. If that is the case, the shop must inform you.
  • Your car must be safe: Once auto body repair is complete, you have a right to a functioning and safe automobile. If there are flaws in the repair or even a mechanical difficulty, the shop must make that right and fix it without charging you. Whether you go with an insurance company recommendation or choose your own shop, check the certification requirements for the workers. Know that your car is in well-trained hands so you will not only enjoy a good repair, but also understand that any mistakes will be quickly addressed.

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