Four Ways to Fix Dents Without Collision Repair in Tifton, GA

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If your coverage is liability only or you only sustained a minor dent, you have options for attempting at-home collision repair in Tifton, GA. These approaches work best for minor damage, like the dents you get from shopping carts in the grocery store parking lot. Here are four do-it-yourself repair methods that are most likely to work for you:

  • Toilet plunger approach: If the dent is shallow and large, a toilet plunger may be the perfect tool to pop it out. This method will not work well with smaller dents, and if the dent is on a rounder part of your car, you may struggle with it. Start with a clean plunger—brand new, never seen a toilet. You can also purchase plungers made specifically for car dents. Make sure there is no dust or debris on it and wet the edges with water to assure it will stick. Put it over the dent, push it in and then pull it off. Repeat until the dent is gone. This will remove the dent, but you may still see bends in the steel.
  • Dry ice: This method works best for medium-sized dents, rather than small or large ones. The dry ice must remain in contact with the dent, so this works best on flat horizontal surfaces, like the roof, trunk or hood. If you decide to use this approach for the side of the car, you will need to hold the dry ice against the dent with tongs. Put on safety glasses and gloves before handling the dry ice. Use tongs to hold the dry ice on the dent for one minute, but no more than that, or you will damage the paint. Remove the ice and the ambient air will pop out the dent. Repeat until the dent is gone, but do not reapply dry ice until the car returns to normal temperature.
  • Pressing out from behind: Dents on bumpers or wheel wells may not be easily removed by other methods. Sometimes, pressing out from behind is the best approach for these. Keep in mind you might have to remove panels and parts, and if that makes you uncomfortable, call an auto body repair shop. If you attempt this, do not lose hardware from any removed parts, and try pushing it out with your hand before resorting to a mallet. For dents requiring more force, wrap the mallet in cloth first so you do not create more extensive damage.
  • Glue dent pullers: There are dent pullers available that use glue guns. You will need the glue gun fully warmed up first. Pick up the tabs at the auto parts store; they will come in various sizes to match your dent. Apply the glue to the tab and adhere it to the dent. Use the bracket with your kit to remove the tab, and that process will pop out the dent. Once successful, you will need to re-wax your car, since the glue compromises the surface a little.

While these at-home methods may work for you, sometimes it is better to bring in a professional. From small dents to major accident damage requiring collision repair in Tifton, GA, Michael Moore’s Auto Paint & Body Shop is ready and here for you. Call today to schedule an estimate and repair appointment.

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