Three Reasons to Consider a New Paint Job from an Auto Body Shop in Tifton, GA

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Unfortunately, it’s practically a fact of life that car accidents will happen, and oftentimes drivers have to seek out collision repairs if the damage is bad enough. It should be taken care of as quickly as possible to avoid long-term damage to your vehicle. But an accident doesn’t have to be the only time you visit your auto body shop in Tifton, GA. Here are other instances in which updating your car’s appearance with a fresh paint job can make a huge difference.

To prevent and cover rust

A car that has been in use for many years is prone to start developing rust at some point, especially if it is frequently driven on heavily salted roads during the winter. Once this rust starts to show, it creates unsightly spots on your car, and you will likely want to have them covered right away. Not only will a new paint job cover up this rust, it will also serve as a protective barrier for your car’s frame against the elements that cause rust to form.

Touching up damage to your previous paint job

Just as the salt on roads can lead to rust and paint damage on your car, so too can many other natural forces that are out of your control. For example, if you live in an area that sees strong hail from time to time, your paint could end up being chipped or dinged, and after a storm you may find that you need a touch up.

Other external factors such as bugs, bird feces or the sap from trees could also be eating away at your car’s paint job without your even knowing it. If these are left undisturbed for too long, their acidic content could cause your paint to slowly dissolve, leaving you with a blemished, uneven paint job. But even with all of these outside forces determined to destroy your car’s look, these troubles are nothing that a paint job from a quality auto body shop can’t take care of.

Updating your car’s appearance

A trip to your auto body shop for a new paint job doesn’t always have to be driven by negative circumstances. In fact, your current paint job could be just fine, but you might have had it for a while and you are simply interested in updating the look of your car. A new color can make you feel like you are driving a brand new car, and trying out a different color or maybe even a two-toned look is a great reason to get a new paint job.

Although our specialty here at Michael Moore’s Auto Paint & Body Shop is quality collision repair, that doesn’t have to be the only reason you pay us a visit. No matter why you decide to have your car painted, we have the state-of-the art equipment, training and personnel that you need to make sure that your car looks exactly as you envisioned. Give us a call today to learn more about all of our services and schedule your appointment right away.

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