What to Look for After an Auto Accident

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You got in a fender bender, and the damage may seem minimal. You think you are good to go, but you may have an underlying problem with your vehicle that can’t be seen on the surface. Having auto repair in Tifton, GA after an accident can help to assess the damage that may have been caused to your vehicle, including anything that may not be visible to the naked eye.

Get auto repairs immediately

Even if in the accident was minor, you will still want to have your auto shop inspect your vehicle and provide any necessary auto repair in Tifton, GA. You could have damaged a component or part of the bumper structure that needs repairs fast in order to keep your vehicle operational. You could also have misaligned your vehicle or bent the doorframes, preventing them from opening and closing properly.

The damage to your vehicle may be significant and require auto repair in Tifton, GA to get it operational again. Don’t wait on getting repairs, as driving a vehicle that has been seriously damaged can create bigger problems to the areas that are affected—and require a more expensive repair job.

Inspect your vehicle for damage

After an accident, check your bumper for any cracks or scratches. Because most vehicles’ bumpers are made from plastic, they crack easily with impact, causing you to need auto repair in Tifton, GA to fix it. Keep in mind that an impact to your bumper can also affect such things as the radiator or trunk alignment. These types of damage can be more costly to fix, and aren’t often visible at first glance. Have your auto repair shop identify whether these are problems you need to deal with.

You will also want to check your windshield for any damage that may have occurred to the glass. Look for chips and cracks, which can worsen over time. A sudden impact can make your windshield shift and cause it to develop a slight crack, which will require professional auto repair in Tifton, GA to safely restore it.

Dents and scratches to your vehicle are another area of concern and should be inspected thoroughly to ensure you don’t have any hidden damage from the accident. Look for areas that aren’t smooth, or that have paint on them from the other vehicle.

You will also want to look at the alignment of the vehicle and check for asymmetrical lines and doors that don’t line up properly. Upon impact to your vehicle, you may have bent the frame of your car and need auto repair in Tifton, GA to help realign it properly.

With auto repair in Tifton, GA after an accident, you can avoid potential problems with your vehicle that can’t be seen on the surface and pose a problem when you are on the road. Contact Michael Moore’s Auto Paint & Body Shop for repairs to your vehicle after an accident. We offer collision repairs as well as glass and alignment services. Get in touch today to schedule an appointment!

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