Five Common Causes of Auto Glass Damage

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If you have owned a car or truck for a while, then you know the importance of regular routine maintenance. You get the oil changed, tires rotated, belts and hoses checked and wheels realigned to make sure your vehicle keeps running strong for years to come. But you should also have your windshield and windows inspected after an encounter with a flying object, or if you notice big chips or cracks forming. Some auto glass damage can be repaired, which is a great money saver—just as long as the damage is not so extensive that it requires a full replacement.

The windshield is not the only pane of glass on your vehicle. Remember to also check the driver’s side window, passenger windows, back window, your side mirrors and (if you have one) the sunroof glass. Here are five common causes of problems that may require auto glass repair in Tifton, GA:

  • Unpaved roads: You are likely to run into unpaved roads in rural or backcountry areas. Unlike city streets and freeways, which are asphalt, these types of roads are more often dirt or gravel. Drive fast on unpaved roads and you or other vehicles will fling gravel and rocks into your auto glass.
  • Vandalism: Criminals and car thieves are not worried about destroying your property. They either want to steal your property or intentionally damage your vehicle, which often involves window damage or total glass destruction. If you can, park in an enclosed garage to avoid car vandalism.
  • Things in pickup trucks or trailers: We’ve all been driving down the freeway at high speeds and seen things bouncing out the back of pickup trucks or open air trailers—and of course, you’re driving behind them. You might not be able to avoid hitting these items, which are typically things like gardening tools, buckets, ladders, 2x4s, yard debris, pipes and garbage. You could end up paying for a replacement windshield or costly auto glass repair in Tifton, GA.
  • Road debris: Small road debris like rocks and bits of plastic or metal are bound to be in the roads. So are bigger things like belongings tied to truck roofs, or a bumper that never really got fixed after an accident. If the car in front of you runs over a piece of road debris, it could sail directly into your windshield. Annoying as it is, the driver who originally hit the object that slammed into your window is not going to stop and offer to pay for damages.
  • Accidents: Whether you are driving, parked in a parking lot or parked at home, your vehicle is always exposed to danger—for example, a fender bender, a tree limb falling on your car or neighborhood kids playing ball close by. All these things can leave ugly chips or cracks in auto glass.

From little glass chips to dangerous looking cracks to busted out vehicle windows, you can count on the experienced team at Michael Moore’s Auto Paint & Body Shop to fix it right up. For all types of auto glass repair in Tifton, GA, don’t hesitate to give us a call!

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